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  • Animal: Cat
  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult
  • Notes: noCatsnoKids


Theo is a five-year-old male white with black DSH cat. He was rescued from the pound by the Minnesota Humane Society when he was not reclaimed by his owner.

Theo needs your love. He is friendly and outgoing, and in some ways a three-year old kitten. This sweetheart cat wants to be in the same room with you simply sitting in the same space, but also will often rub up against your legs, get on the table to be able to head-butt your face, or climb up onto your chest so that his head can be near yours. He loves to explore and sniff and try to get into things. You will enjoy watching him jump and run while you play with him. He especially likes to play with toys hanging on the end of a string. Theo is a special boy and deserves a wonderful home.

Your love and patience are so important for Theo because he has struggled for years with anxiety, which led to him developing some impulse-control issues. By providing him with a stable foster home environment and appropriate treatment with Prozac, he has been able to relax into his fun loving self. But finding his forever home has proven to be difficult due to the meds. He needs you to trust his good-natured soul to bless your life and home. He receives his Prozac in a specially compounded chew mixed in with his food. No pilling necessary!

Before taking the Prozaz, Theo did well with dogs, but tended to push cats in ways that did not go well. Since taking the Prozac, he has lived as an only cat so we do not know how he will do with other animals. We think he has the potential to do well. Due to his impulsiveness, care must be taken with him interacting with children. Theo needs to live in an adult only home.

If you are interested in Theo, please email MHS at info@mnhumane.org.

Theo is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, FeLuk/FIV negative and microchipped.

Adoption Fee: $125.00 View this pet at Petfinder.com

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